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How long will it take for my order to ship if I place it today?

Most orders are shipped within 3-4 business days if the item(s) is in stock. All unengraved or rush engraving orders ship within 1-2 business days. Please review our Estimated Shipping Table for information on shipping times.

How can I track the status of my order? Has it been shipped yet?

You may click here to track the status of your order. Please enter your order number and zip code in the required fields. Please note that orders placed Friday through Sunday will be processed on Monday.

I have received a USPS tracking number for my package, but the tracking has not updated after it was shipped. What is going on?

USPS occasionally fails to scan the packages upon their arrival. The package is on its way. If you do not receive it within 7 business days, please let us know.

If I order an item today with express mail shipping, will I receive it tomorrow?

Orders are usually processed the next business day. If you place the order today and rush the engraving, the order will ship in 1-2 business days. If the engraving is not rushed, then the order will ship wtihin 3-4 business days. Please note that Fedex does NOT deliver on weekends.

Do you ship to Canada or anywhere outside of the USA?

Yes! We offer shipping to the following countries: Australia, Canada, France, United Kingdom, United States, and the Virgin Islands (US). Please note that buyer is responsible for paying custom duties if item(s) to ship outside of USA.

What method do you use to ship butane?

Due to FAA regulations, lighters must be shipped via ground parcel services. Express shipping is not available for butane orders. Empty lighters may be shipped by air.



What is the turnaround time for the shipping of engraved item(s)?

Please check our Estimated Shipping Table for more information regarding the shipping of engraved items.

How long can my engraving message be?

Specific lengths for engravings are specified on each item page. Each item is different, so your length of engraving depends on the items ordered. If you choose a monogram font, the maximum length is 3 characters.

What should I engrave on the product?

A popular choice for engraving is the name or initials of your groomsmen with the date of your wedding (if there is room for two lines). However, as long as your message isn't over the maximum character limit for the product, you can choose to engrave whatever you'd like on the product.

Can I get my logo engraved on the product?

Yes, we offer logo engraving. Please email your logo to us at info@lastminutegroomsmengifts.com in jpg, eps, or tiff format (300 dpi resolution preferred) with the quantity of engraved items you would like to purchase. We will give you a quote based on the quantity ordered and the amount of time it will take us to set up and engrave your order.

I need rush engraving on my order. How do I do that?

We do offer an Rush Engraving service for a nominal charge of $4 per item. Please select the "Expedite Engraving?" tab and select "Yes" on the item page, just below where the engraving info is entered. Orders without an rush request will be processed in 3-4 business days. Please note that orders with rush engraving take 1-2 business days plus shipping time.

I want to order 5 of same item through your website, but I want to have each engraved differently. How do I go about doing this?

Please follow these steps :

  • Enter your engraving info in the engraving box.
  • Choose your preferred font.
  • Click on the "[ + ] Add Another Personalized Product" button. This will create a new set of engraving information for the next item.
  • Repeat this process as many times as necessary.
  • Click on the "Add to cart" button when you have entered all of the engraving info. Top

Do you charge a setup fee for engraving?

For the standard text engraving of products that we offer, there is no setup fee. If a logo or image needs to be engraved on an item, then a setup fee is charged based on the amount of time invested in getting the job done.

What is the most popular engraving font?

Old English and Roman Monogram tend to be the most popular font options for engravings.

I want to order an engraving in the Roman Monogram font. In what order should I enter the initials if I wanted to engrave Jeff Frank Smith?

Engraving has to be entered in the exact order you want the engraving to look on the product. The rule of thumb is First Initial, Last Initial, Middle Initial. For the name Jeff Frank Smith, please enter "JSF" in the engraving section and select a monogram font.



How do I refill a butane lighter?

Please read and follow the directions and safety instructions on our Lighter Refilling Instructions page.

I just received my lighter. When I tried to ignite it, it did not work. Why?

All lighters are shipped with empty fuel tanks due to shipping regulations imposed by the Department of Transportation. Please refill your lighter with Premium Butane while following these instructions on how to refill a butane lighter upon receiving your order.

Do you ship lighters outside of the USA?

We are unable to ship lighters outside of the USA. We are able to ship lighters to some places outside of the USA, as long as they are not filled with butane. Please note we cannot ship butane outside of the continental USA.

Does my lighter come filled with butane?

Due to the Department of Transportation shipping regulations, we cannot ship lighters filled with butane.

My lighter sparks but the flame does not come up. I tried refilling it, but still no luck. What could be wrong?

Please check our Lighter Troubleshooting Guide for possible solutions and diagnoses.

My lighter is not sparking. What could be wrong?

This can happen when the ignition system is not working properly. The lighter needs to be returned to the manufacturer for service or needs a warranty replacement.

My lighter makes a hissing sound when I try to light it. What could be wrong?

Try lowering the flame height by turning the flame adjuster (located on the bottom of the lighter by the refill valve) towards the "-" sign (counter-clockwise for almost every lighter) using a flathead screw-driver. If the problem still persists, then return the lighter to its manufacturer.




How do I clean and take care of my flask?

Your stainless steel flask is specially designed to carry alcoholic drinks. It should not be used for beverages with an acid content, such as fruit juices and cordials. The flask will provide years of pleasure if you follow a few simple rules:

1. Rinse the inside with clean water before filling the flask for the first time.
2. Always empty the flask after use and rinse it out before refilling.
3. Do not keep alcohol in the flask longer than a period of 3 days. Refill only when you are about to use the flask.
4. If the flask is leather wrapped, please avoid wetting the leather.




I want to buy a lighter for a cigar smoker. What do you recommend?

We recommend Visol Cigar Lighters for their superior quality, dependability, and reasonable price. They can also be personalized with custom engraving with the name or initials of the cigar smoker. Also, Visol tends to be our best selling line of cigar lighters.

I want a reliable and reasonably priced lighter that will last a long time. What do you recommend?

We recommend Visol Lighters for their quality, longevity, and affordable price.

Was the discount/coupon applied to my order?

You can review the status and details of your current order by clicking our Online Order Tracker. You will be able to review the order status, billing/shipping addresses, item details, order total, payment information and any discounts applied to your order.

How do I use a coupon online?

Prior to using a coupon, please review the coupon restrictions: expiration date, value of the coupon, minimum purchase requirement, and any merchandise exclusions. During the check-out process at step 2, there will be an area to enter the Coupon Code. At this point, please enter your coupon code/offer number. If the coupon code is invalid the following message will be displayed: "Sorry, we were unable to validate the Coupon Code you entered." Otherwise, your code will be accepted and processed.

Do you offer gift certificates or gift cards?

Yes, we offer gift certificates for $25 up to $200 for that special someone. Please click Gift Certificate to place your order.

Other Questions


I am having trouble ordering online. Is there a way I can fax the order?

Yes. You can fill out an Order Form and fax it to us at 214-291-5664.

How do I find a specific item online that I want to buy?

You can search for an item using the keyword search box located on almost every page of our store. Type in a phrase such as lighters, brand or the item number and then press your enter key or click the "Go" button located beside the search box. When you find an item that you want to purchase, click the image or name of the item to view the item’s page. Here you will find more information about the item, including availability. If you would like to order the item, click "Add to Cart" and continue shopping.

What payment options are available?

We accept most major credit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover).

I received a damaged or defective item.

Please email us with your order number, name, address and details on the item you received damaged or defective. We will instruct you on how to proceed with correcting your order. If you would like a replacement sent to you and the requested item is in stock, we will ship it to you immediately. Your credit card will be charged for the second shipment, but will be credited for the return once we receive it in our fulfillment center. We will assist you in returning the original shipment for a full refund, including shipping charges.

How do I make a change to my order?

Please contact us within 24 hours of placing your order at info@lastminutegroomsmengifts.com. Although we cannot guarantee we can make a change, we will do everything possible to accomodate your request.